Our story

Our story begins with consulting. We conducted more than three hundred security audits, helping tech companies to protect their applications and millions of their customers. After completing the security audit, we would inevitably get asked for recommendations on security tools that could be embedded into their rapidly changing tech stack. Since we couldn’t find a good tool to recommend, we set off to develop Wallarm to address their challenges.

What we built

Adaptive security
platform which profiles application traffic to build customized security rules
Hybrid architecture
with local traffic processing and robust cloud analytics
Active threat verification
platform to identify real threats against the background of high-volume low-risk security events

What we believe in

Security solution can't use static rules — it should understand assets it's protecting and adapt policies accordingly.

With machine learning, it's not only possible to profile the app on its traffic but also adapt to its changes.

Defenders have very limited resources to react. They should react only to dangerous events where the attacks are actually exploiting applications' flaws.


We are funded by prominent VCs
in Silicon Valley


Rick Orloff
Chief Security Officer at Code42. Former CISO et eBay.
Gene Golovinsky
Director of Security Research and Development at Intuit
Thibault Koechlin
Author of naxsi WAF, CSO at NBS System